Habib Umar bin Hafiz at Masjid Al-Falah on 17 April 2012


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah, we’re indeed grateful to be at Masjid Al-Falah tonight. Although we don’t deny being worried upon arrival, seeing the masjid so dark without electricity. The guest of honor Al-Habib Umar bin Hafiz arrived just beforeMaghrib. It was still dark, hot and stuffy. We all prayed Maghrib and were into the second rakaat when the masjid became bright, Subhanallah! It was a very humbling moment that brought tears to my eyes. That Allah withdraws and gives light whenever He chooses. And surely it signified the blessing that came along with Habib Umar’s presence. May Allah preserve him and further elevate his rank.
Habib Umar said, as interpreted by Habib Ali Zainal Abidin Al-Hamid:
Praise be to Allah for granting His blessings to His servants. He who chose those upon whom He shall bestow His bounties, out of so many people. And grant them eternal happiness. And connect them with Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. And make them love him. O Allah, send Your blessings unto Prophet Muhammad and his family who are constantly associating themselves with the Qur’an up until the Day of Resurrection. Also unto his companions who were faithful, who defended the religion. Also unto those who follow in their footsteps.

It is Allah who has gathered us here, the One and only He who makes us convene at this place, a place where the Prophet favors. We are gathered at the House of Allah on this plane in the state of iman towards Allah, His attributes and His exalted Names. In our hearts there is belief in the religion of the Prophet, verily he is the best of all mankind. We hope to reap the bounties of Allah. We have just prayed in congregation; we are seated here hoping for His blessings; we mentioned the Name of the God who created us; we madedu’a with the hope for His qabul (fulfillment). We makesalawat for the best of creations. We visit this place for the sake of Allah. We sit in this majlis while hoping for His mercy. All of these are a blessing from Allah, a great bounty from our exalted Lord. Think about the people out there who are in the state of heedlessness, those who would only glorify Allah for their own nafs, those who busy themselves with dunya while knowing that this dunya is fleeting; those who sit with those who are neglectful and commit transgressions. But you are the best of people on account of the blessings of the best of creations. Praise be to Allah for granting us this blessing.

All of us will someday be gathered before Allah. Neither men nor children will be left out. All male and female; leaders and followers; the poor and the rich, all will be gathered before the Creator for judgment. It will all appear very clear on that day for those who were given reminders yet turned away, those who were disobedient.  All hearts will be in fear at the gathering. We will come to realize that none would be able to help except Allah. It is only He who could be gentle. And none will be happy except those who have had a good relation with the one who is close to Allah. At that moment none would have hoped to have had a relation with important persons in the world. None would have hoped to have had a relation with businessmen and those who are deemed powerful and influential in this world. All will get frustrated, save those who have had a relationship with Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. the beloved leader.  All will be hoping to have had a relation with him for whatever reason.  This is the reality of Prophet Muhammad as narrated in the Qur’an and the books. It is a day when the oppressors will bite their fingers wishing they have had a connection with him while in dunya.  They will be saying: “I wish I have had no relation with anyone else.” Verily those who distract you from the way of Allah, only wish to mislead you. Your friends with whom you joke and laugh will become your enemy on that day.  Friends will be enemies except those who are God-fearing.  Your friends who have brought you to this majlis will on that day hear glad tidings.
On the day of resurrection, the Prophet will be asked, who are those who have received honor?  “They are those who makezikir, who sit at masjid.” We plead to Him who has gathered us here at this majlis so that He will make us among those who will be given honor. And that He will gather us and resurrect us with those who are given such honor, who shall receive eternal happiness, who will be saved from evil torments. We speak about the truth and reality from the Source who created us, He who loves us and who is more truthful in speech if not Allah? Who guides best other than Prophet Muhammad s.a.w? What will happen to the heedless, people whose intellect is unaware? Protect all that is in your heart from tricks and lies of those who disbelieve.  Do not be deceived by what is on this earth, bounties which are insignificant and fleeting. Think about the hell which Allah has created to distinguish those who are good or evil, between the disbelievers and the faithful. The bounties of this world are not a true source of happiness.
The disbelievers eat and so do the faithful, but the latter eat with the Name of the Lord, He who makes vegetation spring forth from the earth. The disbelievers eat with lusts, they eat with their own name and their own desires. They do not mention Allah, nor do they praise Him even though their food comes from Him. They use His bounties to transgress Him instead.
The disbelievers drink, so do the faithful. Everything that is on earth is consumed by all, regardless of good or bad. Anywhere and everywhere people board the plane, use the phone and internet. So what’s so special about all that? What is the difference between good and bad? By Allah, everything depends upon good values as taught by the religion. But some people live devoid of faith, virtues and good characters.