Ni’mah Of Allah – Be Thankful

Posted January 17th, 2012 & filed under Blog.


Someone came to a Wali’Allah – to one who is very close to Allah, Almighty and Glorious is He, in his heart and who guides others on this path – someone came to him with a very strange request. He asked “Ya Sheikh, please pray to Allah that He will reduce my rizqi – my prosperity”. Not to increase but to reduce it. The Sheikh was surprised. Most people who are given abundance in this world are never satisfied, they always ask for more. But after hearing the request repeated, the Sheikh gave him a piece of dry bread and instructed him to go into the courtyard and eat the bread and think deeply on his request and when he was finished eating, and thinking, to come back in to see the Sheikh.

So our brother took the bread and went out and after a while returned to see the Sheikh. The Sheikh asked if he had thought about his request and if so, what was the outcome. Our brother replied that he still wanted the Sheikh to pray for him to reduce his abundance.

The Sheikh asked him to describe how he ate the bread. Our brother said: “I took my sarong, my clothe, like this and spread it across my knees so that I wouldn’t drop any of the crumbs of bread to the ground while I was eating.”. The Sheikh asked if, in spite of this precaution, any crumbs actually fell on the ground. Our brother replied: “Yes. some small pieces. I couldn’t find them so I gathered up all of the soil from around that place and moved it off to the side so that no one would accidentally step on the bread crumbs and perhaps some bird would be able to eat them.”.

This is how to value Allah’s blessings Almighty and Glorious is He. The Sheikh said: “With all of this and you want Allah to reduce His abundance to you. My friend you are looking after His blessings, His abundance so well and because of this He is giving you more. Allah, Almighty and Glorious is He, won’t reduce his blessings for you.”.

This is how Allah, Almighty and Glorious is He, will deal with us. Everything you have is from Allah, Almighty and Glorious is He. Your food, your position in life, wife, house, everything is from Allah. And you are going to be rewarded if you look after it. But you will not continue to receive it if you do not look after it. This is what Allah, Almighty and Glorious is He, has told us.

And, if you look after His Ni’mah, the reward will be double. No only will He continue to reward you in this life, but in heaven the rewards will be greater subhanallah.