“What is this forgetting?” – Habib Umar bin Hafiz


“There is no one greater to you. There’s no one greater to you than your Orginator. Those who are near to you, your friends, the people of your house, who knows what the soul whispers to you? He knows that prior to you being created, prior to your spirit being made, prior to the semenal fluid entering the womb of your mother. He is nearer to you than yourself. No particular occurs except in accordance to what He knows. He cared for you when you were in the womb. He cared for you in the realm of sipirit. Who is to care for you and nourish you when you are still a foetus – through the various phases? When you were at the phase of alaqah, who developed you? Who moved you? Who transformed you to the next foetal phase? So who is nearer to you than Him?
…However, we are heedless, we forget! We close our eyes. We deny this radiant Sun. We forget Allah’s power. We forget the One who makes us move. He is the One who makes us move in the land and in the sea. What is this forgetting?!”

– Habib Umar bin Hafiz